Baste Duterte in an adventure like no other

The hosts of “Lakbai” of TV5: Atty. Alexis Lumbatan; Sboi Malicay Sebastian “Baste” Duterte; Bogart the Explorer from Davao City; and videographer Andrei Apostol.

Imagine yourself travelling some of the best tourist spots in the country with no less than rockstar Presidential son Baste Duterte as your tour guide?

That would one cool and exciting adventure, right?

The good news, you don’t need an appointment in Malacañan or wait for him to be appointed as Tourism Secretary for this to happen

Starting on May 21,  TV5 will be airing “Lakbai”, the newest reality adventure featuring Baste and his friends and the people from all walks of life they will meet in their crazy road trips and journeys. The show will come after the main game of TV5’s PBA double-header every Sunday.

Lakbai, short for “Lakaw ta, bai!” which translates to “Lakad na, kaibigan.” is a one of a kind TV show that takes the viewers on a tour of some of the most picturesque spots in the Philippines with Baste joined by his crew led by online sensation Bogart the Explorer.

The show is not just another travel program showcasing the country’s views and food. This 8-week special is about a group of bros who find the best places to have a travel adventure. The show will make the audience see the Philippines in a whole new light.

In every episode, the hosts will explore a location and participate in local activities that would leave them feeling a connection with that place.

Speaking of the hosts, Lakbai brings together a set of adventurers bonded by their spirit of fun and love of travel. Making his TV show debut is presidential son and social media rockstar, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte. This reality adventure show is in Bisaya as well as Tagalog.

For the first time ever, viewers will get to discover the adventurous side of Baste and see more of his personality as he interacts with the local people they meet. Joining Baste is the internet sensation, Bogart the Explorer, who isknown for his hilarious adventures as seen in his viral videos. Completing the gang are three of Baste’s closest friends: Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, a lawyer by profession and a jokester at heart, Sboi Malicay, the cool bro who keeps the mood light and Andrei Apostol, creative guy and designated videographer.

Find out what travel destinations the group will go to as viewers get to know Baste Duterte like never before as he explores the country he loves deeply with Bogart and his closest friends.

Catch Baste, Bogart and friends in this new reality adventure show only from your Kapatid network TV5!

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