How important is your voice to your success as a professional



Your voice can be a powerful tool in building your professional image. When people first hear how you speak, they are not only listening to what you are saying. They also notice the sound of your voice and make all kinds of assumption about your age, education, capabilities and emotional state. The way you sound conveys a lot more about you than you think. Being one of the defining characteristics of a person, your voice gives you an edge if you know how to harness it.

Working in an industry where speaking plays an important role, it’s imperative that you learn how to use it to achieve maximum impact. Take it from 24-year old radio DJ from MOR 101.9 For Life and DZMM, Chikki who spends all day sending positive vibes to her listeners.

“Breathe from the belly. By doing this, you get the power you need to use your voice effectively,” shares Chikki.

“Articulation, pacing and proper intonation are big indications of confidence and when you’re confident, you do not only spark the interest of your audience but also gain their trust. These elements ensure clarity to what you are saying,” adds Chikki.

To maintain a strong voice, there is one easy habit you should get into. Ginger tea or “salabat” has been known to do wonders to singers and other professions that require a lot of verbal communication.  The downside, however, is that its taste can sometimes be too much to handle.

The first Ginger Chewy Candy in the Philippines, Gingerbon relaxes the vocal chords with the warm soothing effect of Ginger. When taken daily, Gingerbon helps reduce voice stress especially for professional speakers such as teachers, call center representatives, and others.

Produced by the Kapal Api Group, one of Indonesia’s biggest companies and distributed by ADP Industries Corporation, Gingerbon is ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of ginger without the hassle of brewing or the unpleasant taste.

Gingerbon is available in both Regular and Extra Strong varieties and comes in two sizes: 20 grams for those who want Ginger on the go and 125 grams for stocking up in the office or at home.

Gingerbon is available at all leading drugstores, convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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