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For over 35 years, the Science of Identity Foundation Philippines Inc. (SIF) has grown as a humanitarian organization helping and inspiring communities and attracting volunteers from all over the Philippines. Since its inception, the SIF It is an organization founded upon the principles of the science of identity which celebrates interconnectedness, genuine humanitarianism encompasses the entire well-being of individual and that selfless, voluntary work rendered in the service of mankind and the environment brings deep happiness.

This self-realization and genuine humanitarianism has been the driving force behind SIF’s successful projects. During its early years, volunteers coming from all walks of life contributed in simple but effective ways to help others and the environment.

SIF’s first projects included a magazine type publication called Haribol Philippines, and a TV show featuring the magazine’s contents for wider broadcast. The now-defunct show “Jagad Guru Speaks” aired during the 1980’s on ABS-CBN and later on Channel 13. (Jagad Guru Chris Butler founded and established the SIF in the United States of America).

The magazine was later reformatted to booklet form entitled the Life Force series. Its 40 issues have covered a range of societal and personal topics such as drug use, marital issues, suicide, nervous breakdowns, and depression, among others.

Over the years, volunteers had increased, and each member began to give seminars in schools, offices, and even jails.

Members found great opportunities in provinces and began doing volunteer work wherever they settled. From Manila, the organization eventually branched out to areas in Iloilo, La Union and Lucena. Today, the SIF has around 500 volunteers nationwide.

In disaster-struck communities, the SIF encouraged people to continue sustainable programs in various areas. These programs have educated and equipped individuals and families about disaster preparedness.

In 2009, Go Palakas program was launched which not only distributed food to malnourished children, but also taught children the values of taking care of one’s health, art appreciation and the power of prayer. In some areas, rural children enjoyed learning how to play soccer while running barefoot. In 2014, another program called Go Palay advocated the planting of organic rice. This process was eventually adopted by the farmers of San Juan, La Union with the help of the municipal government. And in partnership with CURMA, a marine turtle conservation program, SIF volunteers continuously patrolled the coastline of San Juan, La Union during the nesting season of sea turtles to protect them from poachers.

In various areas of the country, SIF also conducts free educational seminars and workshops on wellness, meditation, yoga and healthy lifestyle.

As SIF embarks on further reaching and influencing more communities, SIFCare was launched as the community assistance arm of the organization. With young people getting more involved in the organization, the participants in Miss Teen Earth and Little Miss Earth can further accomplish their goals as earth advocates.

Using social media and digital technology, the SIF hopes to draw in more volunteers, to update numerous members and friends and to further inspire local citizens to become involved in SIF programs.

With the help of individuals and communities with a genuine love for Mother Nature, the SIF

continues to grow as a dynamic, genuine humanitarian organization working for the development of enlightened, happy individuals and communities driven to promote the cultivation of wisdom, spiritual love, compassion, and actions motivated by such compassion in the service of mankind and the environment.

UNIT UG 35 146 Alfaro Place, L.P Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City.
Tel no: 02 8872442

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