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cardsIn the Philippines, a common problem of credit card holders is “excessive debt”.  Credit Card doesn’t feel like cash to cardholders so they spend more liberally whenever they’re using their plastic.  While the card company can benefit from the finance charge, unwise use of the card can be detrimental both for the cardholders and for the card company in the long run.  Given the possible pitfall that our cardholders may fall into, RCBC Bankard developed proprietary financial management tools:

a. Spend Monitor provides cardholders with free SMS alerts for defined transactions that they have set during registration, including getting an alert if they already exceeded their predetermined monthly budget for their card.

b. Spend Analyzer, transforms the statement of account from a simple notice of monthly dues to a comprehensive financial management tool that guides cardholders in understanding their monthly and their year-to-date spending by printing the summary of purchases according to categories including: Supermarket, Department Store/Apparel, Dining, Motoring, Medical, Utilities, and Others.

c.   Unli 0%  is a proprietary program that allows cardholders to manage their cash flow better since they can pay for all their straight purchases in three months at no interest.  This is offered during heavy spending season including back-to-school (April-June) and the Holidays (October-December).  It has been made available all year round for purchases made overseas.

Unli 0% has been developed because we saw the benefits of the 0% Installment Program and its limitations. 0% Installment is advantageous for cardholders who cannot afford to pay for the item/service outright, as well as for those who want to manage their cash flow.  However, while it is helpful, it is limited in terms of merchants and locations.  These limitations served as our opportunity in developing Unli 0%.  With Unli 0%, all straight purchases can be converted to 0% Installment.  Our cardholders enjoy better cash flow management because they can settle their purchases made in the Philippines or abroad in easy, affordable payments.

Being the first and only credit card to provide a no-limits 0% installment program our cardholders have the unique privilege of being able to afford better things and better experiences, and since they have the tools to manage their spending better, they can avoid falling in the “debt trap” which is a common pitfall for other credit cardholders.   Unli 0%, along with RCBC Bankard’s other complimentary and proprietary financial management tools, have managed to transform the credit card from a tool for overspending to a device for wiser spending.

Award Winner

Last year, RCBC Bankard was recognized internationally in the Retail Banker International Asia Trail Blazer Award, as 2014 Product Excellence in Credit Cards, and as Credit Card Product of the Year 2014-Philippines, in the Credit International & Payments International Trailblazer Award.

UNLI 0% is the first of its kind card offering that gives RCBC Bankard cardholders the unprecedented privilege of being able to manage their finances better since they can convert ALL their STRAIGHT purchases to 0% INSTALLMENT.

With UNLI 0% cardholders can purchase any item, at any amount, anywhere, including overseas and online, and have these converted to a three month, 0% installment payment term, by simply calling the RCBC Bankard Customer Service hotline.

1. UNLI 0% is the most flexible 0% Installment Program with NO LIMITATIONS.    
UNLI 0% is not limited to the number of accredited merchants.
RCBC Bankard will be able to convert straight transactions to 0% installment, regardless if the merchant or establishment is accredited with RCBC Bankard.  Other card companies/Issuers can only process transactions from their accredited merchants.

2. UNLI 0% is not limited to amount.  
Merchants will require a minimum of Php3,000 or US$68.18 (@ Php44=USD1.00) for 0% Installment.  With RCBC Bankard, this is not a limitation because it is processed as a straight transaction, and therefore is not covered by the 0% Installment minimum amount purchase requirement imposed by the accredited merchants.

3.UNLI 0% is not limited to location.  
Accredited merchants for 0% installment are limited to locations where pre-programmed POS terminals are deployed.  With RCBC Bankard, regardless of the POS terminals used, RCBC Bankard can convert the purchase to 0% installment, including online and overseas transactions.

The UNLI 0% INSTALLMENT PROGRAM (“UNLI 0%”) is a proprietary program of RCBC Bankard Credit Cards.

The Woman Behind UNLI 0% Installment

RCBC Bankard_Angela Mirasol
Ms. Angela “Anj” Mirasol, the woman who leads the Marketing Group of RCBC Bankard.

Anj Mirasol has more than a decade’s experience in Marketing.  She has handled various products and services from debit cards, to electronic channels, and now leads the Marketing Group of RCBC Bankard, in marketing the RCBC –issued RCBC Bankard credit cards.

Anj strongly believes that Marketing has a strategic function and goes beyond running promotions.  She is actively involved in branding initiatives as well as in the development of products, product features, and benefits.

From 2012, when she joined RCBC Bankard, she was actively involved in the launch of two co-branded specialty cards: the Fully Booked RCBC Bankard MasterCard, and the HBC-RCBC Bankard MasterCard.  She also collaborated in the development and launch of the Exclusive Travel Privileges and the proprietary Unli 0% which are both deemed as compelling differentiators for RCBC Bankard.

With the UNLI 0% Installment and other promotions lined up this year, RCBC is gearig towards another successful year this 2015.

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