Richard Yap’s Sound Family Advice

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Richard Yap and familyMultifaceted actor/singer Richard Yap juggles taping for his long-running television series, running a restaurant business, shooting commercials and a movie, and recording his next album of songs.

Despite his hectic schedule, Richard always finds the time to be with his wife Melody and two children, Ashley (18) and Dylan (11). He expresses affection for his children by embracing them at every opportunity.

“Showing affection is one of the ways that you get to bond with your children,” says Richard. “As often as possible, I hug or kiss them even if they’re both grown-up already. On weekends, we spend family time together. When we’re not busy, Melody and I see to it that we all dine out and watch a movie, or take vacations.”

Richard’s care towards his family demonstrates his love and affection, yet he also embraces and protects his family by carefully planning for their financial future.

Richard is happy to say that he has been a long-standing Manulife Philippines policyholder before showbiz beckoned more than two years ago. “I believe that you do not only save up, but also invest to maximize your money’s earnings. That’s where Manulife helps me with my important financial decisions.”

Through their example, Richard and Melody also encourage the value of saving and investing to their children.

“My wife and I always tell Ashley and Dylan that money is not easy to find. Even if we are earning comfortably now, we cannot guarantee that this could continue in the future. We give them allowance money, but if they want to have something valuable then they have to save up for it. This early, we have to train them how to handle their money properly,” said Richard.

Richard is practical about the future, especially for his children. Like any father, he would want them to have a better quality of life.

“I have always believed that whatever I do right now affects my future. The small steps that you take now can have a great impact on the future. Make informed decisions and more importantly, select the right partner in helping attain your financial goals. And so, I choose Manulife,” Richard affirmed.

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