Latest Version of Oracle HCM Cloud Delivers a Simple and Unified HCM Cloud Experience


oracle-logo-red-370x229Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) Release 9 continues Oracle’s ongoing investment in a world-class user experience for employees, managers, and HR specialists. The latest version of Oracle HCM Cloud delivers a single and simplified HCM cloud experience for all employees and managers, including a next-generation user experience for casual users across the entire hire-to-retire process. In addition, Oracle has introduced Work Life solutions to better reach and engage Millennials, complete mobile functionality, and new integrations to further unify its HCM platform.

The latest version of Oracle HCM Cloud continues to provide users with the experience they have come to expect from consumer applications. It includes design enhancements developed with customer input to give even casual users a simple solution so they can get back to their day-to-day work more quickly and maximize their productivity.

Oracle HCM Cloud supports integrations to Oracle’s PeopleSoft Payroll and Oracle E-Business Suite Payroll, enabling existing customers to move to the cloud at their own pace.

Also available in Oracle HCM Cloud Release 9 are new Work Life solutions, social applications designed to help reach and engage your entire workforce, especially Millennials.

Users can now access the full range of Oracle HCM Cloud on their mobile devices via a single, unified experience in any browser or via the mobile application.

Oracle provides a single and simplified HCM user experience (UX) for all business users.

Oracle’s UX investment in Oracle HCM Cloud Release 9 is centered on simplicity, unification, working across devices, and employee engagement to deliver a great experience for recruiters, candidates, employees, and managers.

  • Simplicity: In the latest version of Oracle HCM Cloud, both analytics and social have been streamlined. Analytics have been selectively embedded throughout the product for both employees and managers. Oracle also simplified the social experience for both employees and managers with a new social panel in Oracle HCM Cloud.
  • Unification: In Release 9, Oracle HCM Cloud presents managers with a simple, consistent, unified experience across hiring, learning, HR, and talent. With simple card views that bring together key HR data, managers have the opportunity to glance, scan, and quickly commit to an action. Release 9 also presents a common visual style for the browser-based Oracle HCM Cloud and the Oracle HCM Cloud mobile application.
  • Working across devices: Addressing managers’ increasing need for mobility, Oracle HCM Cloud enables managers to work on talent acquisition, hiring, and learning on the laptop, desktop, and tablet, as well as on hiring via the smartphone. Managers can move seamlessly across devices; Release 9 functionality is tailored to how, when, and where managers need to work to help maximize productivity.

To further optimize Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle has introduced advanced analytics based on a data warehouse in the cloud that brings together enterprise data and big data, enabling deeper analytics that leverage historical views and big data, as well as industry-specific insights to drive increased innovation, profitability, and competitive advantage.

Oracle delivers payroll integrations to help existing customers transition to the cloud at their own pace

Oracle has delivered integrations to Oracle’s PeopleSoft Payroll and Oracle E-Business Suite Payroll in the latest version of Oracle HCM Cloud, enabling customers to move in phases to the cloud.

Standard integration templates from Oracle HCM Cloud to PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite help keep costs down and also enable customers to pace their move to the cloud, moving their payroll functions only when they are ready to do so.

These new integrations come on the heels of Oracle’s Customer 2 Cloud program, in which customers can opt to redirect elements of their installed on-premises solutions to Oracle Applications Cloud within the same product family. This means that customers can use current support spend to move to modern cloud applications.

Announcing Work Life solutions to reach and engage Millennial

Work Life solutions in Oracle HCM Cloud help employers reach and engage their workforce by providing employees information they need to find the right blend of work-life integration for themselves.

Previewed at Oracle HCM World, Work Life solutions My Competitions and My Reputation are now available as part of Oracle HCM Cloud Release 9, with My Wellness available as a preview.

In each Work Life solution, employees can opt into the right activities in the right measure that enable them to align their development and performance goals with their personal life and career goals.

Oracle’s Work Life solutions combine a wide range of data gathered across both external and internal social media, wearable devices, and quantified self apps, plus corporate enterprise data, complete with embedded social and gamification features.

The solutions present analysis in multiple social graphs, summarized into business and work-life relevant metrics so employees can take action and employers receive strategic insights and cost savings.

To help improve employee engagement, Oracle has introduced Oracle HCM Cloud Competitions. This tool enables employees, managers, or HR specialists to create contests and competitions to engage employees in different kinds of activities, such as wellness, completing on-boarding training, or even car ride sharing. These kinds of competitions are designed to bring employees together across geographies and generations.

Oracle delivers comprehensive mobile HCM functionality

Available as part of Release 9, the next version of Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile includes enhanced functionality for line managers, hiring managers, and individual employees.

With this release, Oracle now delivers the full range of Oracle HCM Cloud services on mobile devices via a single, unified experience across all devices in any browser.

In Release 9, all manager and employee processes across hire to retire are now on the Oracle Application Development Framework mobile technology platform.

Big data and analytics can be viewed easily by the C-suite and every manager on any device.

New features in Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile include:

  • Interview evaluation: With Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile Interview Evaluation feature, teams can easily evaluate candidates using their mobile devices and submit timely feedback. This allows hiring managers to visualize interview feedback and make informed hiring decisions.
  • Hiring worklist: Hiring managers can manage their requisition, candidates, and offer approvals while on the go with Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile’s Hiring Worklist feature.
  • Workforce management: For added flexibility, employees and managers can manage absences and their timecards using their mobile devices.
  • Pay slips: With the Oracle HCM Cloud Mobile payroll capabilities, employees are able to view their recent pay history and detailed pay slips from the mobile app.

“In the latest version of Oracle HCM Cloud, we have focused on delivering innovations and enhancements that enable casual users—such as managers and employees— to easily navigate and complete their HR tasks so they can get back to their day-to-day jobs and be productive,” said Gretchen Alarcon, group vice president, Oracle HCM Strategy. “We put a major emphasis on user experience, engagement, and the ability to work across any device, which we believe will set our customers up for success.”

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