KakaoTalk tops Mobidia survey


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A research conducted by Mobidia, a mobile analytics company, revealed that KakaoTalk was the number one mobile messenger in terms of time spend, and the second most used messenger in the world after WhatsApp, according to Business Insider India.

According to the news report, Mobidia tracked usage on “millions” of Android smartphones worldwide, to find out which messaging apps were being used the most. To evaluate user engagement to a certain app, the mobile analytics company counted the amount of time an app was open in the foreground, with the smartphone screen on (i.e. not running in the background).

Results revealed that :
a. KakaoTalk users averaged 213 minutes with the app during the measured period of Oct.26 ~ Nov.2, followed by WhatsApp, who’s users spent an average of 195 minutes with the app.

b. The research also included analysis of the actual usage of mobile messaging apps. Within the measured period(Oct.26 ~ Nov.2), KakaoTalk revealed the second highest usage rate.  KakaoTalk was used by 23% of Android smartphones worldwide, following WhatsApp which shoed a 41% penetration rate.

c.  The messengers that were analyzed for this research include: KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, LINE, WeChat, BBM, SnapChat, Viber, Skype, Tango, Facebook Messenger.

This is an especially interesting finding, especially since it shows that the number of user subscriptions don’t necessarily reflect actual usage of messaging apps.

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