Mighty Corp commits twin P10-million to farmers


region01A twin P10-million commitments were assured by Mighty Corporation, a new major player in the Philippine tobacco industry during its consultative meeting with 200 tobac*o farmer leaders in Pangasinan, La Union and Ilocos provinces held in the city of San Fernando, La Union last February 8, 2014.

Mighty Corp Executive Vice President Oscar P. Barrientos confirmed the good news that the Bulacan-based cigarette manufacturer that they are pushing towards the planned purchase of P10-million kilograms tobacco leaves and the multi-pronged P10-million Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for tobacco farmers and their families. This company has earlier advised the National Tobacco Administration about this worthwhile business move.

The National Federation of Tobacco Growers and Cooperatives (NFTGC) welcomed with open arms what they consider as a huge assistance not only for their group but for the whole industry as well.  NFTGC President Mario Cabasal said, “We are grateful and we are looking forward to the firm commitments of Mighty Corporation to help the 65,000 strong tobacco farmers in the Philippines with their pronouncements this year to purchase 10-million kilograms of tobac*o leaves and the P10-million outreach projects for tobac*o farmers.”

Cabasal emphasized that they are very grateful that Mighty Corp, a company owned by the Wongchuking family, has made commitments to initially buy at least 10 million kilograms of leaves and to purchase all the excess tobacco leaves that farmers could not sell to other buyers.  He also mentioned that thousands of farmers in Pangasinan and the Ilocos provinces have expressed relief that their tobacco leaves will have a sure market this year.

It was also finalize that the assistance that Mighty will give includes the donation of support farm implements like irrigation pumps and tractors, new 200 college scholar grants for the sons of daughters of tobacco farmers and the institutional support for the annual search for outstanding tobac*o farmers and cooperatives.

He even mentioned that with Mighty’s assurance that the company will buy all the unsold crops harvested by farmers thus making sure that, unlike in the past, prices will stay high even after the holiday season. Barrientos further explains, “Now that we are assured of an alternative market, besides other tobac*o companies, our members will again be inspired to devote larger areas to the cultivation of Ilocandia’s most important cash crop.

For ther news regarding Mighty’s effort to help local farmers and families, kindly click HERE. Please see also their other ADVOCACY.

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