Life protection and investment solution for Filipino families


helpIn response to the changing financial protection needs of the modern Filipino family, Manulife Philippines recently launched Manulife FlexiSure, a first-of-its-kind whole life protection product with a built-in investment feature that provides not only a safety net against life’s unexpected events, but also the opportunity to optimize the policyowner’s money’s earning potential by taking advantage of changing market conditions within the investable variable unit-linked component of the product.

Manulife FlexiSure gives the policyholder a lot of financial flexibility by allowing him/her to access their variable unit-linked investment funds in times of need – something that whole life protection products were unable to do previously. In this product, the current value of the investment component is “withdrawable” at any time1 and can be used by the policyowner for either emergency or anticipated expense needs without having to sacrifice the guaranteed protection coverage provided for by the product. “This is why we refer to Manulife FlexiSure as a ‘hybrid’ insurance product,” according to Indren Naidoo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Philippines.

Another aspect of the product’s flexibility is it allows policyholders to choose the proportion of guaranteed protection coverage component that the policy provides in relation to the investable portion, in response to the changing financial goals and objectives of the policyowner over time. To add, it also allows for “fund switching” wherein the investable funds can be reallocated to different investment funds like Peso Secure Fund, Peso Diversified Value Fund, Peso Dynamic Allocation Fund, Peso Growth Fund and Peso Cash Fund to take advantage of changing financial market conditions. “Top-ups” can also be provided at minimal amounts to build up the fund based on what’s convenient for the customer. “Manulife FlexiSure is a completely new generation whole life protection product in which the value of the investable portion component can be optimized for return potential in response to the evolving and specific needs of the policyholder,” added Mr. Naidoo.

Manulife FlexiSure offers life insurance protection up to age 100 for absolute peace of mind for the family and the policyholder and a maturity benefit equal to the life insurance coverage upon reaching age 100. Plus, there are supplementary benefits that allow the policyholder to customize coverage through added protection benefits or rider options.

The product’s flexible payment terms of 5, 10, 15 years or until age 100 for a whole life plan make it a true attraction.

To learn more about Manulife FlexiSure, call (02) 884-7000, email or contact a Manulife Philippines financial adviser at any of over 30 Manulife branch offices nationwide.

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