Win your battle against hair loss, down those dandruffs!


Have you ever encountered hair or scalp problems— hair loss, thinning, fall out, break off or even slow growth? How about dandruff or an itching or peeling scalp that may have cause embarrassment and discomfort?

Many of us may have tried different hair products to improve the appearance of our hair or remedy the flakes and itch that we experience on our head. But do you know that most of those products leave residues on the scalp. Everyone should be aware and cautious of the chemicals in the hair products available in the market today. Shampoo, conditioner, hair color, styling gel and mouse, and hair wax can leave deposits on the scalp that prevents pores from breathing well. visited Vigen Scalp Clinic in Greenhills, San Juan recently and was able to interview their Country Director, Ms. Judy Ho, about hair loss and other scalp problems, and tips on how to prevent and treat them.


Judy says the buildup of chemicals, hair products and pollutants on our scalp clogs the pores on the skin of our head preventing it from breathing naturally and unless you remove this buildup from your scalp, your head will always feel itchy and dandruff will continue to be a problem.


Likewise, the environment we work and live in leave residue on the scalp. Air pollution brings with it dirt and smoke, which leaves deposits on the head. Cigarettes also leave a film of grime not just on the hair but also the scalp. Our daily activities leave perspiration on the scalp, which, if not cleansed off at the end of the day, could inflame the skin on your head.


Vigen Scalp Clinic offers a variety of treatments that safely cleanses the scalp to make it healthy and stimulate air growth.


Judy says all guests at the clinic are given a scalp check. Using a special microscopic camera, therapists are able to see the real condition of your scalp. The accumulation of residue and debris irritates the skin causing the scalp to redden. The roots of the hair strand are covered by a layer of film, which is the sign of chemical residue. In some cases, this irritation causes hair loss. The scalp check not only determines the condition of your scalp but also tells whether you are suffering from hair loss.


Judy says it is important to remove this film of residue on the scalp to bring it back to health. While a single session easily removes scalp buildup and improves the condition of the hair, she explains that regular visits will ensure a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. She says that while you can get this same treatment from a salon, the Vigen Scalp Clinic uses imported organic hair products that will be matched to your needs. Compared to synthetically made hair products, organic ones are best for the body.


The basic Scalp Healing Care Program is a 14-step process that lasts for about an hour. Apart from intensive scalp scaling, the patented ION deep cleansing, the application of a scalp healing and regenerating solution, and an infrared scalp therapy, the program comes with a relaxation component similar to what you get at a spa. A highlight of all programs is the Water Acupuncture, which uses to massage your scalp and stimulate it to health. While a therapist treats your scalp, you get a pressurized leg massage, aromatherapy to cheer you up, and a hot shoulder compress relaxes to relax you.


There is a different program for those needing preventive treatment for hair loss, and another one that promotes hair growth with the application of imported specialized treatment that encourages hair growth.


The Vigen Scalp Clinic uses equipment that have specially imported from Korea, which is not available locally in other salons or clinics. It also has organic shampoos and conditioners, and hair growth formulas that you can use on a daily basis.


Judy suggests that guests with serious scalp problems avail of treatments from two to three times a week. This will see to it that your scalp problems are addressed properly. After a single session, many guests say that their head feels lighter and no longer itchy, while their hair receives an extra shine and softness comparable to expensive salon treatments.


Vigen Scalp Clinic is at G/F Richbelt Terraces, 19 Annapolis St. Greenhills Sanjuan (beside Foot Zone & Maging Sing). Scalp Check Hotline: 0917-86-SCALP (72257) / (02) 217-9045. The clinic is also open to franchising opportunities.


One of the writers of was lucky to have experienced firsthand the quality service and products of Vigen Scalp Clinic. The good news is, we want to help you win your battle against hair loss, dandruff and other scalp problems for FREE.  We are giving away a Scalp Balance/ Healing Program gift certificate worth P6,000 to one lucky reader who truly deserves it. It comes with a FREE scalp check to determine the condition of your hair.


To join, just follow these simple mechanics:


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UPDATE: After a week of reading all the entries, we have decided to announce the winner of this mini giveaway. Congratulations to Mr. Abdel Sabdani for winning the P6,000 gift certificate from Vigen Scalp Clinic. Please send a PM through the The News Makers to coordinate with us on how to claim the prize. You are given within 30 days starting today to claim the prize otherwise it will be forfeited and will be given to another participant of this contest.

Abdel Sabdani
Mr. Abdel Sabdani’s winning entry

Thank you to Mr. Rene Del Rosario who we helped us determined the winner. Again, than you to all who joined and please stay tuned to our next giveaway.


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  1. I deserve to win a scalp treatment because hair loss runs in my family plus I want to experience it for myself.

  2. I deserve to win a scalp treatment coz I love my hair and I love taking care of it! this treatment will help me take good care of my hair 😀

  3. I deserve to win a scalp treatment because right now im experiencing Dandruff and itching in my Scalp also we have history of Baldness. hope you give me a chance to win it! Thank You!

  4. I deserve to win this scalp treatment because I badly need this treatment. My scalp has been damage, it got an allergy when I have my relax in parlor. It really hurts and now that it is healing, it has lots of dandruff and my hair is getting stiff and very damaged.. I want to get rid of it. I never feel so confident about myself with these hair problem..I feel always jealous of other girls that has nice hair.. hope that I win this treatment.. thank you! Godbless!

  5. I deserve to win this because I want to give it to my brother who has severe flaking of the scalp but fond of wearing black shirts. He has chunks of dandruff stuck on his hair and flakes on his shoulders. Ako ung nahihiya instead of him. I want to give a solution to his problem ever since early teenage years. I hope you give me the chance to help my brother. Thanks for your wonderful contest. 🙂

  6. I deserve to be choosen as a winner of this scalp treatment because I really need it for myself to bring back my confidence.Eversince I gave birth to my child I did not noticed my hair became dull, weak and lots of a plain wife and a full time mom all my concern is my daily routine at home and caring my little one.I cant face going to pamper my hair to the parlor and thinking of it was cause me alot of Im hoping for this to have a free treatment 🙂

  7. matagal kona po tlagang dream na mag pa scalp treatment kc po sbrang kati po tlaga ng scalp ko. pero hndi ko po afford. tindera po ako ng mga kakanin sa palengke so kailngan po malinis lagi ang paninda ko. pero pag kumakati na po ang scalp ko hndi ko po maiwasn magkamot at malaglag ang mga balakubak ko so kailangan ko pang lumayo para hndi mapunta sa paninda ko.. so hope to win po.. salamat…

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