Lessons from an ex-OFW-now Successful Networker

One of GANOiTOUCH’S Ambassador Crown Diamond Director (ACDD) named Nathaniel “Nat” Falla. He is shown in photo with wife Evelyn (right). Nat Falla shares his success and gives tips to help his members down the line to achieve what he has reached.

Gano iTouch Philippines, part of the worldwide presence of one of the established and leading direct selling companies in the industry of wellness, has been siring a persevering breed of professional networkers—highly successful at what they do, and raring to share their formula for success. One of these is its Ambassador Crown Diamond Director (ACDD) named Nathaniel “Nat” Falla, a former OFW (overseas Filipino worker) who attained financial stability the Gano way.

Nat Falla has worked so hard to have gotten to where he is now. After 12 years of hardships, he can confidently say that all the hard work and sacrifices had truly paid off. Now, it’s time to enjoy what he worked hard for all these years. It’s time to share his formula for success.

But what is success, and how does one attain it? There are a hundred and one answers to these questions, and among the best quoted answers came from the lips of Nat, a hardworking networker who rose from the ranks.

Success to Nat means never resting on one’s laurels. “One should not give up in the face of trials because it is normal to encounter these things on the road to success,” he shares. Nat’s one person who does not hold back in sharing his experiences and past struggles with those under him. In fact, he has not stopped supporting his colleagues and downlines. It is important for him to be able to impart to his downlines the lessons that he has learned in the business.

Nat believes that one can achieve success in multi-level marketing as long as one is truly determined. He follows three key virtues of success that kept him going all these years.

Nat’s 3 Key Virtues of Success:

1.  Stay Focused – Understand the business and learn it by heart. Love what you do. Don’t be distracted and don’t get sidetracked because you have a dream to achieve for yourself and for your loved ones.

2.  Be Humble – Don’t put yourself on a pedestal just because you are ranked higher than your peers.  Show to others that there is a natural process of climbing the ladder to success. Be generous and share with others the lessons and tips you have learned in your own journey.

3.  Keep the Faith – Never forget that God exists and that He is always there for you. Thank Him for the success and even the trials that come your way.

Looking back, Nat remembers the discouragements and bad experiences he had when he was just starting. He was among those who would dream of being able to escape the world of debt.  He was among many who wanted to fulfill their obligations in life. Now, he has finally reached what many only dream of: financial freedom. He heaved a sigh of relief that he has finally made it this far, saying “Wow grabe, sabi nga nila, eto na. Eto na ang napakasarap na parte ng business na ito.” (“Wow, this is amazing, as they say, this is it. This is what they call the sweetest part of this business.”)

Nat always keeps in mind that in this business, with his hard work he is not the only one who succeeds but he is also helping others get to where they are now. He is passionate in being an instrument to help others. The result is, like him, they, too, are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Being an Ambassador Crown Diamond Director means enjoying what the company has promised, such as additional incentives besides the earnings received every month. He and his fellow ACDD now receive a 3% incentive from the total sales of the company. They enjoy a bonus payout every month.

Sandra Wee is one of the people that Nat inspired. Sandra described Nat as kind and very supportive to his downlines. She said that Nat is very generous in teaching and guiding others. And that he wants to see more people succeed in the company, “the more, the merrier”. Sandra is very grateful to Nat Falla for all the guidance and support he is giving to his peers. Her words of thanks, “Sir, I salute you, salamat sa iyong guidance, sa iyong walang sawang pagsupporta sa amin sa lahat ng aming mga kasama. At lahat ng achievements mo ay talagang pinaghirapan po.” (“Sir, I salute you, thank you for your guidance and unwavering support to me and my peers. All your achievements you have truly worked hard for.”)

Now a fellow ACDD, Billy Quiñones owes a great deal of gratitude to Nat. He started with Gano iTouch in January 2010. In a very short span of time, with Nat’s help, he became an ACDD. Billy shares that Nat is very dedicated to helping his downlines.  “Isa ako sa mga taong tinulungan niya. Isa ako sa mga taong nagbago ang buhay dahil sa kanyang mga payo na ibinigay sa akin, kaya ako ay talagang masasabi natin na isa sa mga tao na nakakuha ng mga pangarap dito sa Gano itouch” (“I’m one of those people he helped. I’m one of those people who have a changed life now because of his advice. I can be considered as one of the people who have flourished with Gano iTouch.”)

Nat’s ultimate advice to those aspiring to be like him, “Kapag hindi mo ginawa ngayon may ibang gagawan d’yan. Kaya kung ako sa iyo, ngayon pa lang, umpisahan mo na.  Umpisahan mo, pangarapin mo na maging Ambassador Crown Diamond Director. Kung hindi, iba ang gagawa niyan.” (“If you don’t do it, others will. So if I were you, start now. Set out and aspire to be an Ambassador Crown Diamond Director. If not, others will do it ahead of you.”)

A Gano iTouch officer dovetailed to Nat’s inspired sharing: “Gano’s ‘once-in-a-lifetime life-changing experience’ should not miss. Our investment offer just might be the road that can lead you to success.”

Read more about Gano iTouch corporate and product information by visiting their websites, www.ganoitouch.com and, www.ganoexcel.com with contact numbers, (02) 7063152, 7063137.

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