He is 24, she is 12: Exclusively Dating?



Are they really in love with one another?

Have you heard of the classic tune “You and me against the world” by Helen Reddy?

This might be the appropriate theme song for a 24-year-old Chinese popstar and a 12-year-old model who have apparently fallen for one another, sending social media in their country and around the world into a frenzy.

Akama Miki, 12, declared her love to Zhang Muyi, twice her age and is definitely an adult, and it appears the feeling is mutual.

Miki’s a popular young star in China with a huge following – about 500,000 on the Chinese social network Weibo – and only follows one person back: Muyi.

The two have exchnaged sweet nothings to each other and a number of photos of themselves together on Weibo.

While there’s no suggestion of a physical relationship, Muyi wished her a happy 12th birthday and vowed to wait “four more birthdays” until Miki is a legal age.

Miki responded: “I will always love you and you will be my darling forever!!!”, attaching a couple of love hearts at the end.

The photo of the pair touching fingers by the water at night, expressing a kiss, has created quite a stir.

Although many have been quick to call the relationship a fake and a publicity stunt, such act is quite disturbing for a 24-year-old to pretend to be in love with a child to boost his showbiz career.

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