Caballete Artist Gallery: An Art Lovers’ Hub


MonThe great Horace once said, “A picture is a poem without words.”

Truly, art is beautiful, wonderful, awesome and brings color to our lives. Not all have the gift to put their feelings through paintings, sculpture, music  or writings. That’s why some would devote their love for the art collecting the gems they can find. The good news is, art lovers have a lot of places to go these days to find pieces that would suit their taste.
Malls have been homes to many galleries for years. But do you know that their is an art lovers’ hub along the busy street of Kamias, Quezon City? Art collector Ramon Araullo is the man behind Caballete Artist Gallery which was  born out of a passion.  He started his collection in the late 1980’s and was able to acquire some of the best of Philippine visual art. Through his gallery, he can showcase this collection and show the best of what the Filipino artist past and present have to offer.
Caballete which is Spanish for easel aims to cradle Filipino art pieces and place them in a pedestal where they belong, to emphasize talent rather than the dictates of commercialism. In the age online and mall shopping of art pieces where prices are driven by the extra cost of profit the middleman has to earn to cover his overhead.

Caballete Artist Gallery aims to be the venue   where would be aspiring artist and just plain art lovers  can be hands on, through  weekly activity tagged as an Art Lab, where a lead artist or an art master can share  and guide a group  the  rudiments of creating  masterpieces using various art medium.

Various forms of artistic talent will also be featured and encouraged in our venue, talents in music and the literary world would also be a weekly staple.

The Art gallery aims to encourage groups of friends from all ages to just hang out and witness the visuals and at the same time learn the roots of Filipino art heritage through the sharing of information from art practitioners, a place where creative minds meet.

For more information, you may visit their gallery located at 111-A Kamias Rd. Quezon City or liked Caballete Artist Galery on Facebook.

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