Start a Prosperous Year of the Wooden Horse at 53 Benitez


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Rockwell Primaries, Rockwell Land’s newest property development subsidiary, welcomes the Year of the Wooden Horse by inviting everyone to a unique open-house experience with one of the most sought-after names in Feng Shui. Dr. Andy Tan will be sharing his forecast for 2014 on Sunday, January 26 at the onsite model unit of its first development, 53 Benitez, located on C. Benitez cor. P. Tuazon street from 2pm to 6pm.

A doctor of medicine from the University of Santo Tomas, Dr. Andy Tan has been helping homeowners bring prosperity and good energy to their residences for over two decades. He has already worked with Rockwell Land on several of its projects including 205 Santolan and the Alvendia, to create unique and exceptional residences.

Now, Dr. Tan lends his knowledge and skill in as a consultant in the planning and decision-making for Rockwell Primaries’ developments. With a loyal client base composed of prominent Filipinos  and Chinese Filipinos, 53 Benitez also recognizes the importance of Feng Shui principles which are valued and adhered to by the community. The premier mid-rise development  will be no exception as Dr. Andy Tan shares his Feng Shui expertise this January to complement the Rockwell skill in design, planning and property development.

A Prosperous Future at 53 Benitez

This 2014, Dr. Tan has good tidings for the real estate market – “The real estate, construction and BPO business will do well in the year of the Wooden Horse. The mid-market will still do well, because of the increase of the particular strata”.  With 53 Benitez targeted for starting families and young couples looking to move into their first home, Dr. Tan’s forecasts show 2014 to be a favorable year to invest for these future home-owners.

53 Benitez also has providential Feng Shui principles according to Dr. Tan. “53 Benitez is located in an untapped ‘productive site’, with its main entrance facing an auspicious direction to welcome the community and is conducive to stay there for a long term basis” he shares. This is definitely complimentary to the vision of Rockwell Primaries for its developments– the unmistakable Rockwell touch for a reasonable price for those looking to start a real home.

A Beautiful Place to Start

With Dr. Andy Tan’s promising forecasts on real estate investments, it’s definitely the right year for your new beginning. And who says your first home should start small? At 53 Benitez, you can begin with the future in mind as 53 Benitez provides a perfect mix of two and three bedroom units in a close-knit community with only nine storeys in two towers. Encircled by 50% lush landscaping and open environment, pocket gardens and peaceful greens let you take a break after a long day, while you can watch you little one run and play. A serene outdoor swimming pool with a kiddie pool, an indoor playground, a fitness center, private function room, also help you take a break from the chaos of everyday living. Inside the complex, a neighborhood convenience store, water station and laundry service also keep your basic needs in check. Security is also no longer a worry, as knowing strategic CCTV cameras in common areas and round-the-clock well-trained security personnel are there to keep watch. Automatic fire alarms and fire protection systems are also put in place with emergency power for common areas and outlets in each residence in case of emergencies.

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Moreover, each floor of 53 Benitez has been laid out with floating corridors smartly designed around a central atrium, traversed with private bridgeways that lead to your homes that are only shared by two units.  The floating corridors that highlight natural ventilation add to the uniqueness of the building’s design and serves as a wonderful representation of how functional and aesthetic needs for space and exclusivity were responded to with imaginative solutions.

Truly, new beginnings can start at 53 Benitez by Rockwell Primaries. Dr. Tan echoed the same sentiment about the development as he says “This will be a home or a nest where starting families can enjoy a blissful, peaceful and harmonious life where with its affordable price, they will have to barely worry on how to pay for it”.

53 Benitez is the first development of Rockwell Primaries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rockwell Land. Turnover will be in 2015.  Own a spacious 2 bedroom unit at 53 Benitez for as low as P20,500 a month. The onsite model unit, located in the corner of C. Benitez and P. Tuazon Avenues in New Manila, Quezon City, is open to visitors everyday from 9 AM – 9PM. For more information, call (632) 828-9888 and (632) 570-1690 or visit

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