Playing Online Games as Stress-Reliever


In his book My Uncle Oswald, best-selling author Roald Dahl wrote, “Life is more fun if you play games.”

Indeed, whether you are still a teen trying to complete your Science project or a working mom coping with dozens of client presentations, you deserve to pause for a while and find time for play to escape from the stress and pressures of deadlines from school or work.

Personally, I had struggles in the new work-from-home set-up especially in the beginning of the global health pandemic. My teammates and I were doing a great job in the office until we were forced to stay home to work on our tasks. I never imagined that I’ll be facing quite a challenge because my workload somewhat got mixed up with household chores. Add the fact that my wife and I need to guide our son to get used to virtual classrooms while we are logged in for work.

Stress is inevitable and sometimes I just feel like I want to take a day off or two just to relax my mind be away from my workloads. It was during one of my busy skeds that I decided to stop for a while and browsed for online games that can help relieve my stress.

In an article in BBC, it discussed how online gaming has become a social lifeline. Even mental health professionals acknowledge that there are direct psychological and social benefits from gaming to people across all generations. It was also mentioned that according to a recent Google survey, 40% of new gamers are more likely to continue playing online or video games even after the health crisis.

In the past few months, whenever I feel like pressure is getting a little overboard, I visit this site that has around a hundred free and fun online games which can easily and seamlessly played from the browser you are using whether Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox or any modern browser you prefer.

What I like most about the games in is that I don’t need to download any software or even crappy apps because as I said, all games are browser-based that you can access using your laptop, desktop PC, tablet, Kindle Fire, Apple iPhone or iPad and Android phone.

I shared this newfound online gem to my wife and son and here are our favorite games among the well-organized categories of the site from Arcade, Board Games and Classic to Kids, Puzzle and Strategy plus a lot more.

My personal favorite is the game Words Family under the Puzzle category. Just a little warning though, this can be a little addictive especially when you are on a roll. The objective of the game is simple. You just have to complete all the hidden words by putting together the jigsaw pieces containing set of letters. This will definitely bring out the wordsmith in you.

For my wife, her choice is the Tangram Puzzle Game under the Pattern category. She can literally spend hours unlocking levels of the game as she tries to arrange patches of colorful fabrics to fit on the frame. She told me that this has become sort of a brain exercise for her because there are levels that are a bit tricky which I think is part of the mental challenge of the game.

Although my son has been used to games with a more complex gameplays and designs, he still appreciates the simplicity of the game Military Tank Fighter under the Kids category. He just loves any game with Tanks but he describes this as “simple yet fun” as he tries to destroy as many tanks possible from the enemy side. To be honest, this is also a personal favorite which reminds me of a similar game that I used to play when I was young.

There are a lot ways that we can do to have a sort of a relief from the many stress that we face in our daily lives along the way. One fool-proof stress-reliever is playing online games. Find that “Me Time” moment and let the games begin! Enjoy!

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