Balamban Liempo opens first branch in Makati


BalambanCraving for something sumptuous to eat in Makati?

You can now feast on the flavorful Balamban style of roasted liempo or pork belly as Balamban Liempo opens its first takeout counter in the country’s financial center today.

Renowned for combining the unique taste of Cebu lechon and its local herbs and spices, Balamban Liempo offers a convenient and affordable gourmet liempo experience for Filipinos the world over.

It emanates an aromatic smell of fresh herbs and spices. Balamban Liempo is a golden brown slab of marbleized pork belly whichpossesses a tangy taste with a hint of spice.

Another popular take-out item is the Balambanok. This has the same unique herbs and spices found in its liempo stuffed inside, resulting in a distinct taste not found in other brands of lechon manok.

“The opening of the first branch in Makati today is a milestone for Balamban Liempo,” said founder and CEO Jojo Vergara.

Balamban Liempo was established in July 2009 by Jojo and Honey Vergara. The latter grew up in the town of Balamban which has a native method of grilling liempo (pork belly) using several local herbs and secret ingredients.

Inspired by this distinct and flavourful concept, the enterprising couple set up their first shop in Mabolo, Cebu City. As time passed, this simple hole-in-the-wall business of Balamban Liempo became a growing favorite among locals.

Wandering clients became regular customers, and the word began to spread about the unique taste, aroma, and flavor of Balamban liempo.

“We plan to reach a hundred branches by July of the present year,” said Vergara. The homegrown Cebu-based food chain currently boasts of over 80 outlets nationwide.


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