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Have you ever experience dealing with a clogged kitchen sink, an over-flowing toilet bowl, or a leaking water system at home? I’m sure you’ll agree that just one of these problems can cause quite a nightmare in your house. What more if you have them all at the same time. It’s a total disaster!

Now, here’s a fact that every one of us, especially those starting to build their own houses, should not take for granted: 97% of your home investment can be damaged if you use sub-standard PVC pipes building it.

This is just one of the important information shared by Mr. Tony H. Sy, VP for Sales and Marketing of Neltex Development Co, Inc., during the press briefing of the National Hardware’s Day held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City last May 5.

Mr. Tony H. Sy, VP for Sales and Marketing of Neltex Development Co, Inc.
Mr. Tony H. Sy, VP for Sales and Marketing of Neltex Development Co, Inc.

Sy added that there are pipes in the market today that consumers should avoid to make sure that they can sleep soundly in a safe home. He explained that the composition of a weak pipe is 65% Calcium Carbonate (apog)/ filler and 35% resin. The more the Calcium Carbonate, the more brittle the pipe will be. That’s why Sy is initiating a campaign asking every home owners and builders about their house and buildings, “Naka-Neltex ba yan?”

To test the durability or impact strength of their product Guard 8055 DWV S-600 (sanitary pipe), Sy asked one of their delivery truck drivers to roll over one of their pipes. Witnesses during the test were impressed on how the pipe survived such test. Dissecting the high impact pipe, it is made of 90% K-65 PVC resin, 5% impact modifier and just 5% apog or filler.

People who attended the event were also given a chance to test Neltex S-600 by allowing them to smash a hammer on it in one of the booths. During the whole day event, no one was able to put a crack on the pipe but three lucky participants of the challenge will get a crack of owning a brand new gadget by just joining. Learn the details of the promotions by clicking HERE and you could be one of the winning Neltex Palo-er.

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One of the main highlight of the festivities is the 16th Mega Summer Bingo Bonanza 2013 where four (4) Neltex customers and clients each took home a brand new car by winning in the exciting game of chance.

Sy promises that Neltex will bring an even bigger and grander event for the coming years. But for now, everyone is reminded to always protect their respective dream houses and start asking if “Naka-Neltex ba yan?”

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