Carlo Rossi Bloggers’ Party

Von de Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers (left) along with AMPR’s Arbie Belmonte posing with Bloggers Videoke Challenge winner Sef Tiburcio.

Life is a celebration. A sweet peck on the cheek from a loved one… sharing happy stories with friends… finishing a once stacked file on your office desk… or just getting a smile from someone special. These are simple things in life that make us happy… simple things that makes one celebrate in any which way he can.

Acknowledging the importance of happiness, success, and celebrations, a local distiller brings a sweet red wine that perfectly fits the Filipino’s preference for wine in terms of taste and affordability. “From Carlo Rossi, the No.1. Imported Wine, we have something that is best suited to the Pinoy’s sweet tooth and lifestyle,” says Von de Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers.

De Torres is referring to Rossi Sweet Red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards. It is described to be deliciously sweet—it has layers of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavors—with the right alcohol content. It is proving to be a wine that is best suited for the Filipino palate.

With a different kind of sweetness, de Torres says that Rossi Sweet Red is ideal for any kind of occasion. “Some of us may fear the thought of correctly pairing wine with food. There are wines that have particular requirements for taste blends in dishes to bring out the best in both wine and the food.  But for Rossi Sweet Red, pairing is not a problem. It can go perfectly well with everything.”

Last May 16, Carlo Rossi  organized a blogger’s party were everyone got to experience. great music, fun and games, tasty food and of course, a glasses the best red wine red wine. The event was held at The Gallery, Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood City. Now, this is one celebration worth reminiscing. One of the highlights of the event is the Bloggers’ videoke challenge where 13 brave souls competed to sing it all out to win. Sef Tiburcio of bested his fellow protagonist in ala-The Voice competition. Another game was a combination of the “Bring Me” game and Name that Tune where you need to bring up to the stage something red before you can guest the mystery music.

Indeed, whether you are having Filipino-style sauce or pesto on your pasta, if you are serving chili peppered or sweet-spicy steak, feasting on chips or chocolates, or indulging in a healthy meal, with Rossi Sweet Red, you can never go wrong. Rossi Sweet Red is also an ideal beverage for any kind of celebration—be it a birthday party, a simple dinner at home for two, lunch with the family, or just another chill-out afternoon with friends or colleagues.

What makes Rossi Sweet Red even more interesting is that it can be enjoyed “on the rocks.”

De Torres said having Rossi Sweet Red on ice is the best way to experience it as the ice brings out the flavor, without compromising the taste even when it melts, while allowing for a smoother finish. “It isn’t something that we’re suggesting just for the novelty; the wine works well with ice, too.”

What rocks even more is that Rossi Sweet Red is not just another drink; it can also be a healthier alternative. Red wine, when taken in moderation, has healthful effects compared to regular beverages like iced tea or sodas so better go for something healthier and good for the heart.

De Torres encourages Pinoys to make wine-drinking part of every occasion. “It doesn’t have to be a big occasion for wine. Instead, have some wine and make even simple occasions memorable and special. You may want to start by trying out Rossi Sweet Red; it’s what real red wine should be.”

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